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App Store Specials: Trafficix, AirAttack 2, RAW Power, and more!

App Store Specials: Trafficix, AirAttack 2, RAW Power, and more!

This Friday, save with our selection of App store deals! 🏝️

Trafficix: Rush HourCreated by employees Infinity Gamesis a fun puzzle that guarantees hours and hours of fun.

Its purpose is to keep drivers safe and calm. Depending on the vehicles stopping at the traffic lights, it will be up to you to decide when they can move on.

tap the selector to change from red to yellow to allow the car to continue; With two clicks, you free everyone’s lane; Press again and turn everything off again, changing to red. 🚦

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my degree

There are over 45 cities to explore, plus a suggestively named mode: chaos. If drivers wait too long, they will get nervous and it will affect your record. Record ten accidents and your traffic management career will be over.

Take advantage of the offer and enjoy! 🚙🚗🚕

Here are other apps to add together Almost $100 in discounts:

iOS / iPadOS / watchOS apps

AirAttack 2 app icon

air battles.

Dicey Dungeons app icon

Strategy game.

RUN application icon - Run widget

Benefit for runners.

The app for macOS

RAW Power app icon

Photo editor.

Take advantage of the offers and have a great weekend! Remember it’s always for a limited time, so it’s good to run! 😉

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