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Appearance |  Mercadona opens shop in Alverca and is recruiting

Appearance | Mercadona opens shop in Alverca and is recruiting

The supermarket company Mercadona will open a new store in Alverca do Ribatejo next year and is hiring 65 people for full-time and part-time positions.

In a statement, the company stated that the job offer already reflects the salary update that the company will apply from January 2023, when the entry salary for its employees in Portugal will be €12,410 per annum. Mercadona promises employees salary advancement with an annual increase of 11 percent, which allows them to access a monthly salary totaling 1,414 euros (including 12) for a maximum of 4 years of service. In addition, employees also receive an annual target-based bonus, which corresponds to an additional salary in the first 4 years and 2 additional salaries in the following years.

“Mercadona continues to focus on job creation, and for this reason, the new offerings maintain the commitment to forming a team focused on excellence and service, highly motivated and aligned with the vision of the company. To this end, in addition to an attractive salary and a service contract from day one, Mercadona offers its employees the possibility of development within the company.

Mercadona adopts a differentiated HR policy that focuses on job building, salary grading, equality and internal promotion, “which is one of the main ways to evaluate and create development opportunities.”

Those interested in applying can do so via the Mercadona website in the “Employment” section. The company opened its first supermarket on July 2, 2019, in Canidelo, Vila Nova de Gaia and currently has 38 stores in the regions of Porto, Braga, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo, Setubal, Santarem, Viseu and Leiria. In 2021, it had a turnover of €415m and paid taxes of €62m through the Portuguese company Irmãdona Supermercados, based in Vila Nova de Gaia. It ended the year with a team of 2,500 employees and an investment in Portugal of €110 million. In order for you to share with the community a portion of what you receive, in total, Mercadona has already donated 670 tons of basic foodstuffs in the first half of 2022, through its stores in Portugal.

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“These donations, equivalent to more than 11,000 shopping carts, were intended for more than 30 social canteens, five food banks and other social institutions,” explains the company.