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Apple accuses Microsoft of being behind the Epic Games lawsuit

The battle that Epic Games started against Apple and Google wants to change the way apps and services are purchased on smartphones. After several assaults by both parties, the case was brought before the court and is already under trial.

This is a unique source of information about companies and Apple has now revealed a strange mistrust. According to the Cupertino giant, Microsoft might be behind the entire Epic Games process.

A powerful new indictment of Apple is in court

at New center From Apple, Microsoft is being dragged into this process, in a new light. According to the iPhone creator, the software giant could play a very important role, albeit in a subtle way.

Apple is now requesting the removal of a key witness in this case, as well as his testimony. This witness is Lori Wright, Xbox CEO, who is now being introduced as not a true independent party.

Epic will only follow orders in this process

To support this idea, the Cupertino giant backed its request that this witness be removed on a charge. In this request, he disclosed that Microsoft is likely to run the process and will place Apple to represent it without revealing its identity.

Any reasonable observer might ask if Epic is Microsoft's backbone. Microsoft has protected itself from significant discoveries in this litigation by not appearing as a party or by sending a company representative to testify.

The basis for this accusation is the notion that Microsoft might want to attack its competitor, but without directly revealing itself. I would have negotiated this position with Epic, to give it strength later, already with the courts alongside the Fortnite creator and without having to reveal its secrets.

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Apple Microsoft Epic case

Microsoft has already denied all allegations made

However, Microsoft has already defended itself and refuted all accusations by its competitor, about being responsible for the process and having Epic before it. He says Apple is just trying to distract and want to ask questions

Apple is trying to dismiss many industry's legitimate concerns about App Store policies and practices, including its refusal to allow games to be broadcast on the Apple App Store.

There's still a lot that can happen in this process that puts Apple and Epic Games head on. Tim Cook was the last Apple representative to testify and provide important information. In the end it will remain up to the judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers Determine who is right and how Apple will have to act in the future.