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Apple adds and removes Game Boy emulator from App Store: Do you know why?

Apple adds and removes Game Boy emulator from App Store: Do you know why?

On Sunday, April 14, Apple removed the Game Boy iGBA emulator from the App Store. Presumably, the reason for removing the app branding is related to violations of the app review guidelines.

According to the MacRumors website, the company founded by Steve Jobs considers that the application violates the rules related to spam and copyright. Although the focus of the problem was identified, Apple was not specific in the details it provided.

Remember, iGBA was kind of a copycat of the GBA4iOS app. As the same source of information indicates, iGBA has been in high demand on the App Store, following its launch over the weekend. However, complaints soon appeared on social media about the fact that this app was a clear copy of GBA4iOS.

The creator of the app has spoken about this. As Riley Testot put it, “I didn't give anyone permission to do that.” He added that he's “very glad the app review exists to protect consumers from scams and scams like this” (via MacRumors).

Despite the controversy, it is not known if Apple has removed iGBA from the App Store because it is claimed to be a clone of GBA4iOS. The same source of information, an Apple expert, asked the brand for clarification, but did not receive any response.

iGBA allowed Game Boy games to be played using free ROM

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Regarding iGBA, it is known that it allowed iPhone users to play Game Boy games by downloading free ROMs obtained from the web. Despite Apple's removal, iGBA can still be used by those who downloaded it before removing the app.

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Regarding free downloading of the brand's games, Nintendo stated that this is an illegal method. According to MacRumors, although there is no certainty, it is possible that Apple removed the app due to complaints from Nintendo.

In Apple's app review guidelines, you can read about some intellectual property considerations.

“Make sure the app only includes content that you created or have a license to use. The app may be removed if it crosses boundaries and uses content without permission. Of course, this also means that someone else's app can be removed if it 'borrows' your work” (via MacRumors).

The app, which has caused some controversy, has arrived in the App Store, just days after Apple revised its guidelines. About Testut, the creator of GBA4iOS, has created a different gaming emulator.

It's called “Delta” and it's located outside the App Store. However, it is not known if Apple changed some rules, Delta will not be able to access the App Store.