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Apple AirTag can be modified into a keychain, and detects disassembly

Apple AirTag can be modified into a keychain, and detects disassembly

Plus the powerful iPad M1 chip Its doing The redesigned iMac, a an Apple Presented the long-awaited AirTag during the Spring Loaded event. The goal is rumored for about two years, The extension is the Cupertino giant’s bet for the smart sign market, bringing the stylish look of the company accompanied by premium features, such as integration with the Find My network and support for UWB technology.

The AirTag officially went on sale starting last Friday (30), and this week it arrived in the hands of the site’s professionals. iFixit, Through the traditional dismantling of the gate. In addition to demonstrating Apple’s applied engineering, the process also revealed a strange point: the accessory’s sleeve could be modified to turn it into a keyring.

iFixit turns AirTag into a keychain

Much smaller than competitors Like Samsung’s latest SmartTag and SmartTag +, The Apple AirTag omitted the hole for installing metal wires and rings, something that is out there in competition. This measure forced those who wanted to attach it to things to purchase accessories from the company, which, as usual, have relatively high prices.

Before examining the components in more detail, the first stage is to disassemble iFixit It was specifically to circumvent this limitation. The AirTag’s plastic ends do not appear to have any circles and can be drilled safely with a 1/16 inch drill. However, the portal highlights the need to remove Drums Before performing the operation.

Otherwise, the IP67 certification should be lost, so keep that in mind if you intend to take the risk. Himself iFixit Discover the possibility of the Japanese channel “repair engineer Haruki” (in translation via Google Translate), which you can watch in full above.

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There are less invasive alternatives

If you don’t want to risk an AirTag BRL 369 with a workout, there are other less intrusive solutions online. In a comment on the site Mac rumors, the user anup.chavda It claims to have spent only 10 cents on the dollar and 10 minutes to produce a stand for an Apple accessory. For this, the 3D printing method was used.

It is possible to print a 3D model to support the Apple AirTag (Image: anup.chavda)

The solution is more elegant, customizable and maintains device integrity, including water resistance. However, it is imperative that you have access to the printer 3D, in addition to searching for a printable model.

Removable battery and “MagSpeaker”

Disassembling iFixit still finds some welcome build decisions that Apple uses in the AirTag, such as the removable, CR2032-type battery. In tablet form, the component can be easily found in supermarkets and on the Internet at affordable prices, and it can be exchanged for the same user. Given the estimated independence of one year, this should not be a repetitive process.

(Image: Play / iFixit)

Another feature is the stethoscope, which differs from traditional standards. Inside the AirTag there is a central elevated section, similar to a button, that is accompanied by a copper coil. Combined, the components turn the body of the device into a magnetic loudspeaker and, accordingly, “MagSpeaker”. The solution does not have such high volume as that used in the competitor Samsung, But it appears to have good access.

The organization of the AirTag’s internal components is like the central building of Apple Park, the company’s base (Photo: Reproduction / iFixit)

Other than that, as the site indicates PhoneArena, The structure closely resembles the installed central building at Apple Park, the company’s base in Cupertino, California. However, it is not known if there was intentional inspiration in the building for the smart sign design.

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Source: PhoneArenaAnd the Mac rumors

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