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Apple and OpenAI almost agree on using ChatGPT on the iPhone

Apple and OpenAI almost agree on using ChatGPT on the iPhone

With artificial intelligence increasingly present in smartphones, Apple does not want to lose its position in this market. After thinking about getting your offer, everything points to you becoming the one who dominates this field. Thus, information has emerged that an agreement will be finalized with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to the iPhone. However, Google's Gemini is still just a real hypothesis.

Apple Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Google ChatGPT

Apple and OpenAI are almost in agreement

It's no longer a secret that Apple's iOS 18 will focus on artificial intelligence and what it can bring to the iPhone. Apple wants to invest in this area so as not to lose out to Android competition and give users what they demand and can get on other platforms.

Word emerged that she was preparing her proposal, but was quickly overshadowed by the prospect of receiving an offer from one of the current giants in the field. The choice seems clear and contested between OpenAI and Google.

Apple Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Google ChatGPT

ChatGPT could be an option for iPhone

After the initial news that Apple would be negotiating with the creator of ChatGPT and the creator of Gemini, more certainty is now starting to emerge. From what is being developed, Apple is close to entering into an agreement with OpenAI so that the AI ​​will be available on the iPhone.

Of course, this integration of ChatGPT with iOS will not be limited to its application. The OpenAI proposal will be built into the base of the iOS operating system, and all the AI ​​features will be made available here. The model would be similar to what Microsoft currently has with its Copilot software.

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Apple Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Google ChatGPT

Gemini is still a real hypothesis

Although the two parties have finalized this agreement, Apple may not have abandoned Google's Gemini yet. The search giant's AI proposal could be integrated into the services that the iPhone maker provides to its users.

Apple's bet on artificial intelligence appears to be taking shape now. In Apple's latest earnings call, Tim Cook stated that the company will have an advantage in artificial intelligence. They believe in the transformative power and promise of AI, and believe it will have advantages that will set them apart. This includes Apple's unique combination of seamless integration between hardware, software, and services.