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Apple apologizes for announcing the new iPad.  “We missed the target, we apologize.”

Apple apologizes for announcing the new iPad. “We missed the target, we apologize.”

This week, tech giant Apple introduced its latest range of iPads to the market, including the new iPad Pro, which features the brand's latest processor, the Apple Silicon M4. During the presentation event, to promote this model, the Cupertino brand ran an advertisement that did not please the brand's loyal followers.

The movie in question is called a fan It begins by showing various objects used for entertainment and creating works of art such as trumpets, guitars, cameras, pianos and even a video game machine being crushed by an industrial hydraulic press. Finally, after crushing each of these things, the machine opens again to reveal the new iPad Pro.

According to the brand, this approach to advertising was chosen because it sought to highlight new characteristics of the new product as it is a thinner model that emphasizes all the characteristics of these objects that are crushed by hydraulic pressure.

The ad is now being criticized on social media because it is not in line with Apple's stance over the years. Many followers accuse the company of wanting to destroy art and move away from the brand that it stated would not work for it. 1984 was like 1984.

Apple responded to its followers with a response sent to online magazine Ad Age signed by Tor Myhren, the technology's vice president of marketing, who said, “Our goal is to always celebrate the countless ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life.” “Your thoughts through the iPad. We missed the mark with this video and we apologize.”

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