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Apple app tracking transparency: 96% of users refuse to follow them

Initial analysis of Apple app tracking transparency It indicates that the vast majority of iPhone users have left app tracking disabled since the feature was launched on April 26 with the release of iOS 14.5. Now this is a revelation that was not surprising, but it shows that Facebook and other companies that rely on online advertising were right to be afraid of this new feature from Apple.

According to the latest data from analytics company Flurry, only 4% of iPhone users in the US actively choose to track the app after upgrading their devices to iOS 14.5. Data is based on a sample of 2.5 million daily active mobile phone users.

When looking at the users around the world who allow app tracking, the number rises to 12% of users in a sample of 5.3 million users.

With launch iOS 14.5, Apps must now request and receive permission from the user before they can access a device’s random advertising identifier (IDFA), which is used to track user activity across apps and websites. Users can enable or disable apps’ ability to track them, with Apple disabling the setting by default.

Since the update nearly two weeks ago, Flurry numbers have shown a steady app-tracking opt-out rate, with the global number hovering between 11-13% and 2-5% in the USA. The challenge for the personalized ads market will be significant if the first two weeks end in reversing a long-term trend.

Facebook, a fierce opponent of new app tracking transparency, has already begun trying to convince users that they should enable tracking on iOS 14.5 if they want to help keep Facebook and Instagram “free.” This sentiment appears to conflict with the social network’s previous claim that ATT will have a “controllable” effect on its business and could even benefit Facebook in the long term.

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a Flurry Analytics, Owned by Verizon Media, in more than a million mobile apps, providing combined insights across 2 billion mobile devices per month Flurry intends to update its numbers every day of the week with a daily acceptance rate, plus the percentage of users that the apps can’t request tracking, both in The United States or worldwide.

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