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Imagem do Instagram a pedir permissão ao abrigo do sistema App Tracking Transparency da Apple:

Apple app tracking transparency: Only 4% gave an OK for apps to track

This was the number that Facebook and others were using The companies were afraid. That is, 96% of iOS 14.5 users asked apps to stop pursuing their activities. So a recent Apple feature is actually showing that users liked the App Tracking Transparency system.

In a study now presented by Flurry, very expressive numbers about privacy were presented on iOS.

App tracking transparency will have an impact on advertising

According to new data from app analysis company Flurry, only 4% of iPhone users in the US choose Continue Of apps since Apple launched an app tracking transparency system as part of iOS 14.5. This number rises slightly when you consider international users - 11% of users worldwide allow apps to monitor them.

So far, apps can rely on the Apple ID Advertiser (IDFA) to track users for targeting and advertising purposes. With the release of iOS 14.5 this week, mobile apps now need to require users who upgraded to iOS 14.5 for permission to collect tracking data. Acceptance rates are as low as expected.

Flurry Analytics, owned by Verizon Media, is used in over 1 million mobile applications Thoughts Combined on 2 billion mobile devices per month. For this report, Flurry will update the daily approval rate as well as the percentage of users whose applications cannot request to follow ("Restricted") every day of the week at 10 AM PDT. In the world, to keep the user informed about the iOS launch with the biggest impact in the industry so far.

User wants to stop advertising on iOS

the system Application tracking transparency, Released with iOS 14.5, is Apple's new privacy feature that requires apps to request a user's "watch" permission.

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User can turn off this option, which is already enabled: Definitions > Privacy > Continue > Turn off option Allow app tracking requests.

Here, the option will be turned off for everyone. If the user only wants some, as required, he can disconnect individually from this menu or from the popup displayed in the app.

A picture of Apple's new app tracking transparency system

As more iPhone owners upgrade to iOS 14.5, we will begin to understand the average number of users who choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to app tracking. So, these first numbers show a tentative truth, but very assertive in the face of what will happen.

The vast majority of people want more privacy, or they want trust in the system.