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Apple augmented reality headset may require an iPhone to operate

Apple augmented reality headset may require an iPhone to operate

Apple has yet to officially announce the production of an augmented reality headset, but several rumors have surfaced over the months. Many are pointing out that the headset will be Tim Cook’s signature peripheral, before giving up the leadership of the tech giant. What is certain is that the latest rumors suggest that augmented reality technology has not yet reached the point that Apple would like to introduce to the market.

That is, the processing capacity is completely done in the headset, independently, it may not be possible to achieve, and, accordingly, may depend on other equipment, such as an iPhone, iPad or even a computer.

the site the information He claims that the wearable chip is not as powerful as other devices of the brand. Thus, it cannot handle the neural engine used to speed up AI tasks. The source says that the processor is based on the 5nm architecture, which will be dated when the headset is launched.

To some extent, however, the headset will be able to be standalone, as it will house the CPU and GPU internally, allowing certain features to be implemented without the need to pair with other equipment, similar to the Oculus Quest 2.

The information also indicates that the headset is still far from being released, having just completed its physical design of the main processor, display driver, and image sensor. There is still work to be done on the prototype of the product, before mass production is even considered.

According to anonymous sources at The Information, the headset won’t be ready until the end of 2022, at best, and is priced around $3,000 in the developer version. On the other hand, consumers will have to wait until 2023 to access the equipment.

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In previous chapters of rumors, Apple’s mixed reality headset May be only 150g and long lasting design. It weighs less than its competitors, up to 500 grams. Apple recently filed a patent for a haptic sensor for users’ feet. The feet can be an interesting area of ​​the body to explore when it comes to snorkeling. Also because they are more sensitive to sensations, the Cupertino giant may be planning to explore a type of touch that can be worn in the form of “socks” for the feet, according to patent.

Finally, still in the field of speculation, some have already made progress in that Apple’s first virtual reality headset may arrive in 2022 Prices up to $900. The headset prototype will be in an advanced stage of development, and is designed as a precursor to Apple’s bet in the field of augmented reality glasses, whose project is still at an early stage.

It will be necessary to wait for Apple’s official reveal, something that may not happen any time soon.