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Apple confirms that Vision Pro augmented reality headset will arrive in the US in February – Hardware

After many rumors spread online Apple has just confirmed the Apple Vision headset Pro, which was unveiled at the 2023 edition of WWDC, It will hit the North American market on February 2nd.

The Cupertino giant said this in a statement The pre-order period will begin on January 19. Hey Apple Vision Pro pricing starts at $3,499For the version with an internal storage capacity of 256 GB.

Remember, information previously provided by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman indicated this Apple will speed up production of new headphones To be able to move towards marketing the device in February.

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Described By Apple As a “space computer” that will change the way people work, collaborate and entertain, Vision Pro is a headset that integrates digital content with the real worldSupport experiences in augmented and virtual reality, In mixed reality.

Hey The Apple Vision Pro takes advantage of the VisionOS operating systemwhich includes a real-time execution engine and a multi-application 3D engine, as well as support for spatial experiences.

As for the hardware, the headset is equipped with it MicroLED displaysWith 23 million pixels on both screens, 12 cameras and six microphones. There too Dual slide systemconsisting of chips R1, which manages the images captured by the cameras, and M2, which reduces latency.

The content provided by Vision Pro appears in front of the user, This makes it possible to use your hands, voice, and even your eyes to manipulate images or give them scale and distances. The headset supports several gestures to facilitate interactions, and through the Siri virtual assistant, it is possible to open or close applications and play content, among other actions.

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watching video

As Apple explained during its presentation at WWDC 2023, the headset appears in the form of The ability to extend your computer screen and work with greater privacy. When it comes to entertainment, Apple claims that thanks to its high-resolution displays, Users will be able to watch movies and series as if they were on a giant screen. Accompanied by surround sound.

In addition to movies, series and videos, the headset is also used for gaming, with the Apple is ensuring support for over 100 Apple Arcade titles.

Editor's Note: The news has been updated with more information. (Last updated: 3:30 p.m.)