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Apple curbed attacks with Flipper Zero in iOS 17.2

Apple curbed attacks with Flipper Zero in iOS 17.2

Tests conducted by site personnel Znet like Flipper Zerothe device he uses Trolls To activate a series of pop-ups on iPhones (and even restart them), point to… apple Implement mechanisms to prevent attacks on iOS 17.2The OS version was launched last Monday (11/12).

Using the Flipper Zero with the latest version of third party firmware has basically rendered the smartphones useless.

Hey 9to5Mac Certain That Apple implemented security measures in iOS 17.2 to prevent pop-up attacks on the company’s smartphones. It is possible that the Mação website has adopted measures such as setting a time limit for the request – which explains the fact that some pop-ups still appear at the beginning.

It’s worth noting that the Flipper Zero is a small, seemingly innocuous radio device with support for Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth protocols, and can serve as a less expensive ($200) alternative for testing radio-based entry points for different types of devices.

It turns out it can also be used for less noble purposes, like cloning credit cards and even opening or closing garage doors. This is because, since it is an open code device, the device can be modified using third party firmware – such as the Xtreme mentioned above.

Obviously, in order to protect your smartphone from attacks (at least more aggressive ones), you need to update it to iOS 17.2. Otherwise, the only and expensive solution is to keep Bluetooth completely turned off, especially when walking on the streets.