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Apple filed a lawsuit to delete the customer's account causing a $ 25,000 loss in purchases

Apple filed a lawsuit to delete the customer’s account causing a $ 25,000 loss in purchases

Apple was recently the subject of a lawsuit by a customer. The man is suing the Cupertino giant after he dies his account, causing him to lose $ 25,000 in purchases.

Tech companies are often the targets of customer lawsuits. Today’s story is more than just a caricature about Apple and a disgruntled customer.

Apple cancels the customer's account and loses $ 25,000 in purchases

Mattew Prince is an Apple customer who Claims I lost about $ 25,000 (about € 20,000) in iTunes and App Store purchases due to the Apple brand.

This situation occurred because the Cupertino company canceled Mattew's Apple ID account. As a result, Apple made it impossible for the customer to access their content and it was not even possible to download their files stored in the cloud.

The problem is that it is a situation that has a double interpretation and can confuse the consumer. That is, since it denotes "buying" in apps, it leads to the understanding that users are actually buying this content. However, Apple considers this just a rental.

When a user clicks "buy", they are only renting out the content.

Therefore, this interpretation between "buying" and "renting" the customer led the brand to accuse Apple of misleading ads.

But Matteo Prince was not an isolated case, with another customer, David Andino, complaining of a similar problem.

to me Process From Andino:

Just as Best Buy cannot enter someone's home to retrieve the DVD movie that person purchased, [a Apple] You should not be able to remove digital content from content that your customers have purchased.

At the moment, the process has no judgment history. However, Judge John Mendes has already rejected Apple's claim and has given the green light to begin the proceeding. But Apple has already said:

No reasonable consumer will believe that content purchased through iTunes will be available indefinitely on the platform.

We will then pay attention to new developments on this date and wait for the verdict to know, after all, who is right.

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