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Apple App Store apps eliminadas atualizações

Apple gives developers time to update apps on the App Store

Both Google and Apple pay special attention to the App Store for their operating systems. Since this is the door to new features, it is important that there are only the best offers and those that provide the most confidence.

With a cleanup in the App Store, Apple has now revealed more details about the process. He explained the rules in detail and explained that after all, programmers have more time to update their apps in the dedicated iOS Store.

Last weekend, some programmers with apps appeared on the App Store Receive notifications from Apple. Their apps have been abandoned for a long time, without updates or any maintenance, meaning they can be made invisible.

Of course, this left all of these goals unsatisfied, especially since in many cases the apps don't need any news or improvements. Apple finished Share now more information And disclose the reasons for this change in the rules of your store.

As part of the App Store optimization process, developers of apps that haven't updated in the last three years and don't reach the download threshold - which means an app hasn't been downloaded or installed multiple times during a continuous 12-month period - receive an email letting them know that it's been updated. Select their app for removal from the App Store.

The rules are now much clearer and the reason for this clean-up that Apple is doing has finally been explained. You want to ensure maximum security and the latest features for your apps and eliminate those that are left behind.

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What has become clear through this communication from Apple is also how this process will take place. All apps that have not been updated within 3 years and have not reached the minimum installs are eligible for deletion and developers are notified.

Of course, not all developers will want to keep their apps with constant updates. Those who have already reached maturity and stable should be able to stay out of this process, as they should not be modernized in the future.

Apple also revealed that this is an ongoing process since 2016 and has been very successful. The Cupertino giant noted that since implementing these rules it has removed more than 2.8 million apps from the App Store.