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Apple has already defined names for AI functions in iOS 18

Apple has already defined names for AI functions in iOS 18

Companies like Samsung have chosen to introduce a new set of AI functions into their equipment. In this case, the choice fell on the Galaxy Ai. On the other hand, Apple will follow a similar strategy.

“Apple Intelligence” is the name of the AI ​​functionality in iOS 18

The AI ​​features that Apple will launch with iOS 18 will be known as “Apple Intelligence.” News comes to us from the famous journalist Mark Gorman in his latest report for Bloomberg.

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Needless to say, this is a very smart choice on Apple's part. In this way, the famous abbreviation AI will be linked to the artificial intelligence functions found in its devices.

This will definitely be one of the highlights of Apple's events next Monday. On the occasion of WWDC 2024, the company will reveal the iOS 18 operating system and everything new that this operating system will bring to the iPhone.

Even before this upcoming event, Mark Gurman reveals some artificial intelligence news prepared by Apple. According to its report, it focused on developing functionality to support users' productivity and daily tasks.

For example, Apple Intelligence will provide tools to summarize web pages through Safari. Messaging and email apps will suggest more detailed responses and the latter will have an AI algorithm to filter users' inboxes.

Like its competitors, Apple will also offer its users AI photo editing tools directly on the iPhone. This includes, for example, an alternative to Google Photos' smart eraser.

The long-awaited improvements to Siri should be confirmed with the introduction of iOS 18. However, Gorman believes that these improvements will not reach the public until next year.

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On a more relaxed note, Apple is expected to introduce a new mechanism for creating emojis in real time. They will be designed based on what users are typing at that time.

All the above jobs will be handled in a hybrid manner. In other words, Apple must use on-premises and cloud processing to offer users the best possible experience.

Given Mark Gurman's credibility, we have little reason to doubt his predictions. However, everything will not be cleared up until next Monday, once Apple takes the stage to present iOS 18 and its other operating systems.