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Apple has already explained why deleted photos will reappear in Gallery in iOS 17.5

Apple has already explained why deleted photos will reappear in Gallery in iOS 17.5

A few days ago an error occurred iOS 17.5 It caused many users to complain that some deleted photos would reappear in the gallery.

After existence This bug has been fixed in iOS 17.5.1The American brand has now explained the reason for this problem.

Apple explained how deleted photos appeared in iPhone Gallery with iOS 17.5

a apple Launched with iOS 17.5.1, it is a fix for a bug that caused old photos, which were already deleted some time ago, to reappear in the Gallery.

However, this solution arrived without much clarification of the problem, leaving doubt as to whether the photos would actually be deleted from the system.

To clarify this position, the American company Launched Now a statement explaining the origin of the error and how the images were recovered.

According to the brand, the images resurfaced due to corrupted local files that survived between device updates, due to backups and transfers.

That is, the photos are actually deleted from the gallery and the system, however, due to how NAND storage works, the memory used to store the photo is marked as available instead of being immediately deleted.

This error caused some files to persist due to database corruption which means the deleted files were not actually erased from the device.

With iOS 17.5 installed, these files were restored by the system and were restored from the corrupted state and populated back into the Gallery app.

However, if the device memory is erased properly using the “Erase All Contents and Settings” function, the damaged database will also be erased.

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As such, Apple claims that it never had or access to the deleted photos, and that the corrupted data was never kept as part of iCloud Photos syncing.

In addition, the American company also stated that the only reported case in which the photos of a previous iPhone owner were restored was actually false.

With iOS 17.5.1, this bug has been fixed and there is no longer any risk of photos reappearing in the Gallery.

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