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Apple has released the “Hello” video, a teaser for the Vision Pro

Apple has released the “Hello” video, a teaser for the Vision Pro

Apple is convinced that its spatial computing glasses will be another revolutionary product for the world. In fact, what it promises is far beyond what has been offered in VR products so far. In a new announcement, the company has begun sharing usage scenarios with the world, planting a need that people don't even suspect exists. Welcome!

Apple Vision Pro image from Hello video

Apple has released a new ad for the Vision Pro titled “Hello.” The announcement comes just days before the headphones go on sale. It will be released on February 2.

Hello – new announcement for Apple Vision Pro

The ad shows several people using the Apple Vision Pro on a daily basis for various purposes. For example, we see a man in his kitchen using headphones to perform several tasks at once. Another watches Ridley Scott's film "Napoleon" and uses his fingers to adjust the image size.

There's also a woman having a FaceTime call with a friend, while another sees "everything everywhere at once" on her flight. The last is a man looking at a photo in panoramic mode.

Apple Vision Pro has arrived, and now digital content adapts perfectly to your physical space. You can do what you love like never before.

Apple states in the video description. Background music is "Dreamer" by Roger Hodgson, Supertramp.

Hello Apple Vision Pro

The images released by Apple are not new. In fact, it's a combination of several excerpts that have already been featured in the past at the WWDC 2023 keynote.

It will be released in the US on February 2nd. Apple has not yet announced when its headphones will go on sale in Portugal and other countries.

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You curious person...

The starting price is $3,499 (about €3,200 in direct conversion) for the 256GB model. The most expensive 1TB version costs $3,899 (about 3,500 euros). The 512GB Apple Vision Pro costs $3,699 (about €3,400).

As we've mentioned several times, for now, Apple will only sell the Apple Vision Pro locally. One interesting feature is that if the user wears glasses, he can submit a prescription for corrective lenses on the website, which will be sent already installed - the lenses are manufactured by Zeiss.

There are a few questions you should answer so that the final result is as accurate as possible.

Moreover, on the website the user will be able to understand what size he should order, using a system implemented by Apple for iPhone or iPad.

This system measures some parameters of the user's face so that the user can purchase the appropriate Light Seal.

Early Apple Vision Pro customers will have access to more than 150 3D-compatible movies and series. In addition, it will support some titles Apple Immersivea 180-degree 3D video format with 8K resolution – as the name suggests, to deliver the best possible user immersion.

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