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Apple intends to start production of iPhone 14 as soon as possible

And Apple warned during the presentation of its financial results that the production of its devices may be affected by the obstacles in China resulting from the epidemic. While the company specifically cited the MacBook Pro as one of those affected, there are more products that could suffer.

One of them will be the iPhone 14, the company’s next generation smartphone that is expected to hit the market this year. rumors Point out that, to circumvent the shutdowns in China, Apple could advance production of the device, thus ensuring there was enough stock when it actually entered the market.

According to the United Daily News online portal, Apple is contacting some of its manufacturers in China, namely Foxconn, to start hiring more employees, with the goal of starting production of the new devices as quickly as possible. With this action, iPhone 14 production is expected to start early this month.

In addition, Apple also wants Foxconn to have more employees focused on producing its products, in order to make up for the days when the company’s factories were halted due to the shutdown in the Shanghai area.

At the moment, it seems that the company is focusing on the production of the iPhone 13, and a return to normal life, but it is expected that when there are enough employees, the production of the next model will begin.

However, there is one point to consider: the development of iPhone 14 production also increases Apple’s production costs, which may harm the final consumer if the company deems it necessary to transfer this value to the final price of the product. .

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