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Apple iPhone ban in China is increasing

Apple iPhone ban in China is increasing

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, even though its value is higher than the vast majority of other devices. But the latest news indicates that there is a kind of open war in China against this equipment, with the increasing Chinese ban on Apple phones in companies supported by the Chinese state.

China increasingly bans iPhones

A few months ago, it was reported that China had begun banning government employees from using their iPhones in the workplace. The latest information indicates that the Asian country's ban on Apple smartphones has increasingly increased.

According to the news I reported ReutersMore and more Chinese agencies, located in different parts of the country and supported by the state, have asked their employees not to take their Apple iPhones, or other foreign equipment, to work.

The measure forms part of China's long strategy to gradually reduce reliance on technologies imported from other countries, thus requiring state-backed companies, such as banks, to make some changes, specifically using domestic software and boosting national production of semiconductor chips.

Details revealed by Bloomberg News (via Reuters) show that several companies and government departments located in at least eight provinces in China have already given their workers guidelines over the past two months to use local brands.

So far, Apple has not yet responded to requests for comment requested by Reuters.

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