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Apple is developing an inexpensive iPad for students

Apple is developing an inexpensive iPad for students

Apple has wowed half the world with its ultra-modern iPad Pro, which in addition to bringing the famous M1 processor, also integrates the very popular mini-LED display, to deliver simply brutal picture quality. However, being “professional”, it is also very expensive, and does not represent an attractive alternative for the vast majority of consumers, especially students.

Therefore, Apple is currently developing a wallet-friendly iPad. Focus on the needs of students around the world.

Apple is developing an inexpensive iPad for students

Therefore, new ‘leaks’ and rumors point to the development of a thinner iPad, based on the design and hardware of its cheaper model already on the market. In short, we are talking about the iPad 9.

The new iPad should only improve slightly on the design of Apple’s well-known tablet, making the device lighter and thinner. However, this can have some consequences for autonomy, as reduced space can mean a decrease in battery capacity. However, in the area of ​​performance, Apple will have to update the processor, the amount of RAM and storage.

As for the price and release date, the new iPad is expected to be cheaper than the current $329 iPad 8, hitting shelves later this year 2021.

Besides, what do you think of all this? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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