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Apple is developing clamshell-shaped foldable iPhones

Apple is developing clamshell-shaped foldable iPhones

Many brands have already invested in the foldable mobile phone segment, but there is one name that is yet to enter this space and that is Apple. But recent information shows that the Apple brand is already working on developing foldable iPhones in the form of a case.

Apple is creating clamshell-shaped foldable iPhones

According to recent information, Apple is already building prototypes of at least two iPhones that can be folded into a clamshell. Details revealed by the Information Channel (via Reuters) this Wednesday (7) and was referred by someone with direct knowledge of the subject.

According to what has been said, foldable iPhones are already in an initial development stage, but at the moment, it is not among Apple's plans to mass produce these devices in this year 2024 or next year 2025. So, perhaps only then will we have phones The smartest device on the market that closes in a case with the apple symbol embedded on the back of the device.

The information provided by the source also reveals that the Cupertino company recently contacted at least one manufacturer on the Asian continent to obtain components for two models of foldable iPhones, but in different sizes.

Reuters tried to obtain more information from Apple, but the brand led by Tim Cook has not yet responded to the request for clarification.

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