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Apple is racing to dominate mixed reality with Vision Pro

Apple is racing to dominate mixed reality with Vision Pro

It’s a race to dominate mixed reality, after Microsoft and Meta it’s Apple’s turn to present its glasses that combine physical and virtual reality.

It’s the race to master Mixed Reality, which unites the physical world with virtual reality. After Microsoft and the Meta, it is Apple’s turn to present its mixed reality glasses, to be sold from next year in the USA.

Vision Pro is a device that can be controlled with eyes, hands and voice. According to the tech giant, it is the world’s first space operating system, that is, it allows users to interact with digital content as if they were, in fact, located in their space. The challenge is the price, which equates to more than 3,700 euros.

Apple describes the design as “cutting edge”. The device has an “ultra-high definition display system”, with 23 million pixels spread across two screens. All to “give users the feeling that all experiences are unfolding before their eyes in real time”.

The announcement comes four days after Meta, Facebook’s parent company, introduced its new Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headset. Microsoft also introduced HoloLens 2, a “standalone, ergonomic, wireless 3D device,” which aims to improve efficiency in companies.

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