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Apple is removing the SIM slot from the new iPad Pro and Air

Apple is removing the SIM slot from the new iPad Pro and Air

This movement to remove the “door and drawer” of the communications card, the SIM card, began last year with the removal of this physical component from iPhones sold in the USA. In Portugal, although we can now buy and install multiple eSIMs (for a few years) on devices, Apple has not yet removed this possibility. However, the Cupertino company has removed the SIM slot from the new iPad Pro and Air, so will this be an indication of the new global iPhone 16?

eSIM on all Apple devices?

The introduction note may actually make sense. Markets are evolving, but operators already have time to adapt, and new Apple devices in 2024 may not feature the “legacy” SIM slot.

Apple announced, during the “Let Loose” event yesterday, the new models of the iPad Pro and iPad Air, as it introduced some important changes compared to previous versions, although it did not highlight those “details” that could be... com. forgreater!

One of the most important differences is related to The physical SIM card slot has disappeared. In previous cellular models of the iPad Air and Pro, there was a dedicated slot for physical SIM cards. Now on new devices This groove has been completely removed. In fact, all cellular models are based exclusively on eSIM technology.

These seem like a small detail, but they're important for anyone considering upgrading their iPad while keeping their cell phone data plan.

Apple has not yet given official reasons for removing the SIM card slot, but it could be a design choice to make the devices thinner and lighter, or a necessity dictated by the integration of new hardware components that would affect the thickness of the new iPads.

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Either way, this change makes the latest iPads compatible with the newer iPhones, which It ditched the SIM slot in 2022 with the launch of the iPhone 14 (in the United States of America). Adopting an eSIM could bring many advantages, such as greater water and dust resistance.

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