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Apple is shaking up the user experience in the EU with the iOS 17.4 update

Apple is shaking up the user experience in the EU with the iOS 17.4 update

Apple has just released its latest update. It's iOS 17.4 for iPhone and iPadOS 17.4 for iPad. These updates, which are the fourth major releases since the launch of iOS 17 in September 2023, come with a series of changes and improvements worth exploring.

One of the biggest new features of iOS 17.4 is the adaptation to European Union (EU) regulatory requirements. This paves the way for a new era of freedom of choice for iPhone and iPad users. With this update, Apple is introducing important changes to the way the App Store and apps work within the European Union.

iPhone users in the EU can now install alternative stores to the App Store

Apple now, for the first time, allows the installation of alternative app stores, alternative payment systems within iOS and iPadOS apps, support for third-party browser engines, and NFC access for banks and third-party payment providers. These features are exclusive to the EU and do not apply to other markets.

In addition to the EU-specific changes, Apple has made global changes, especially in the world of gaming. Now, cloud gaming apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW are available. Mini-games, chatbots, and add-ons can now use the in-app purchase system.

iOS 17.4 also adds new emojis and transcripts for podcasts in the Podcasts app, stopwatch live activities, and improvements to the battery health report on iPhone 15 models, among other improvements and bug fixes.

For EU residents specifically, new options include the ability to install apps from alternative markets, choose browsers with alternative engines, and use alternative payment options for apps in the App Store with third-party purchases badged, among other features that require support from developers.

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