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Apple makes new concessions on App Store policy for out-of-store payments - Business

Apple makes new concessions on App Store policy for out-of-store payments – Business

Apple has announced new App Store policy changes, in line with some measures that are part of a proposed agreement the company has put on the table, ending a lawsuit in the United States.

The iPhone owner announced that from next year it will allow reader apps to share a link in their app in the App Store and direct users to the location where they can sign up for the service, which also means a performance opportunity.

The statement, released by the company, says the developers of these apps will be able to “share a unique link to your site in order to help users create or manage their accounts”. It also states that Apple will help these developers ensure the safety of users, when they are sent to the environment outside the Store, which suggests that there will be rules for using this possibility.

In the “Reader apps” category are apps like Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Kindle. The Netflix and Spotify apps, for example, can currently only be used by those who already have an account created, as the option is not in the app, and there is no link to the companies’ websites.

Restriction is another way for Apple to block any and all possibility of directing those who use apps in the official iPhone Store, to purchases outside the Store’s “official” system. All for security reasons, Apple guarantees. Only because otherwise the company is unable to charge the 30% commission applied to every transaction on the platform, the programmers say.

The topic is controversial and is a matter of the day. It sets the tone for popular action by US programmers against the company, now with a deal on the horizon, with Apple making some concessions, albeit less ambitious than programmers wanted. The same restrictions are the goal of New legislation passed this week in South Korea.

After recent events already suggested by Apple, By agreement in the United States of America, to allow programmers to use users’ contact information, which they can access in their apps in the App Store, to communicate with those users outside the platform – and to inform them of the existence of other means of payment.

The company is now moving forward with another promise of change, which comes to put an end to the Japan Fair Trade Commission investigation, which has been ongoing since 2016. Until the measure is implemented, however, many doubts remain about Stay Clear. Starting with the Reader Apps rating, it is the only one covered by the new Apple franchise, which, as The Verge asserts, is ambiguous and has caused confusion at various times. In the definition used in the now released version appears applications that do not allow any kind of local purchases.

However, the Japanese body that is investigating Apple has already said that the agreement reached with Apple puts an end to suspicions of violating antitrust law. This panel also revealed that Apple has pledged to provide information about the audit it does for apps in its Store over the next three years, according to The Verge.