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Apple may bring USB-C connectivity to older iPhone models

Apple may bring USB-C connectivity to older iPhone models

a apple can take USB-C for models Older iPhone. As you already know, the next generation of Apple mobile phones will finally change its charging port, but the speculations that are being talked about now revolve around an unpublished version of the iPhone 14 with this type of connection.

This rumor started with a detail found by the developer Aaron (@aaronp613) who noticed the mention of two unsold smartphones: iPhone 14.1 that it iPhone 14.9. The models appear in the brand’s tvOS 17 beta 5 code.

As a result, many theories have been generated about these two cell phones, such as the possibility that they are reference models for developers to test. But, there is a possibility that they are iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, but with USB-C ports instead of the standard one. Lightning.

This measure could aim to comply with what the European Union proposes in its rules. However, the strange part about this possibility is that the iPhone 13 generation devices will not undergo the same type of change. Therefore, it cannot be said for sure.

Be that as it may, this is all still circulating in the realm of speculation, as there are no further details as to what these two models could be. However, it wasn’t long before Apple held its launch event for the new iPhone 15, as the latest news points to a presentation of the devices on September 12th.

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