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Apple may completely redesign Control Center in iOS 18

Apple may completely redesign Control Center in iOS 18

Another edition of Apple's annual WWDC developer conference is approaching. As always, the new version of iOS, the iPhone's operating system, will be one of the stars of the event. It seems that big changes are expected this year.

According to the latest rumors published by MacRumors, Apple will be testing a redesigned version of Control Center with a more personalized profile. The big question that remains is whether this change will be ready in time for the update.

Control Center

Source Indicates The new Control Center system can allow users to keep and change icons directly in the interface. Something similar to what happens on Android, but on iOS you can only do this in Settings.

The current iPhone Control Center lacks customization

In fact, if you go to your iPhone's Settings, you won't be able to change all the icons in your Control Center. Only the smaller ones at the bottom can be placed or removed.

Remember, the last major update to Control Center was 7 years ago, when iOS 11 arrived. At that time, Control Center became available on the iPhone

Whether this rumor is confirmed or not, we won't have many days to find out. On June 10, Apple will hold its initial WWDC keynote, where it will reveal major new features of iOS 18. Soon after, the first beta will be released.

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