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Apple may remove all physical buttons from iPhone 16

Apple may remove all physical buttons from iPhone 16

That old phrase about “predictions, only for the endgame” isn't random, and it still makes sense. Once upon a time, the iPhone could lose all physical buttons, and Apple is betting on capacitive buttons. After all, it is physical and you may receive a new one. Now, another rumor says that the iPhone 16 will likely only have capacitive buttons. So… where did this new idea come from?

Image of iPhone 15 Pro Max with physical buttons

It's true that right up until launch day, the internet will be full of rumours, wishes and virtual leaks of information about the new iPhone 16 features, and later in the day, you'll soon see who did it right and who completely failed. However, The noise Current are buttons.

The upcoming iPhone 16 series will not have traditional buttons, according to information released by the company that will supply the capacitive buttons that are supposed to replace them. If true, this change will make iOS devices more durable and water-resistant.

Capacitive buttons can come to iPhone 16

Rumors that physical buttons and ports (and the slot) would be removed from the iPhone surfaced in 2020, were rethought and continue to resonate today. But such a move did not happen with the iPhone 13, nor with the iPhone 14, nor with the iPhone 15. According to rumours, such a move was left to happen because Apple was supposedly unable to resolve the bugs of the technology.

The problems appear to have been resolved because the Economic Daily reported that ASE Investment Holding Company It will make capacitive button modules for the iPhone 16. These modules will be placed on both sides of the device, so there will be no physical buttons.

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Capacitive buttons register the user's touch, but do not move. An earlier, unconfirmed report indicated that Apple would add two Taptic Engines to the iPhone to make it vibrate and indicate that the button has been “pressed.”

Why capacitive buttons in the 2024 iPhone?

Those who doubt the need for such a change should take into account that any moving part wears out. Even the best-designed ones are inherently more fragile than a solid piece of the same general shape.

iPhones have a reputation for lasting for years and years, and the moving buttons can wear out with prolonged use. The capacitive buttons on the iPhone 16 will help extend the life of the product even further.

Additionally, the holes around the existing buttons are a potential way for water to get inside the phone if the device is accidentally submerged.

Maybe only on the iPhone 16 Pro

Information published on Monday in the Economic Daily says that the new type of buttons will come to the iPhone 16 without being more specific. But the change is likely to come only to the Pro and Pro Max versions of the devices.

Apple has a habit of introducing new technologies into its top models before expanding them to the two less expensive versions. This is what happened with Dynamic Island and Action Button. The end of traditional buttons could be the following example.

There have already been rumors that the iPhone 16 will include a brand new capacitive capture button. On Monday, Detective Sonny Dixon posted on X (formerly Twitter) a photo of iPhone cases that include this feature:

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However, the on/off button shown in the picture is a traditional button, not a capacitive one. If the picture is real, it means that the daily economic report is only partially correct. But contradictory leaks are not uncommon, as we are still about five months away from the release of the next iOS models.

We'll know for sure in the fall when the entire iPhone 16 series is revealed to the world.