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Apple offers the MacBook Pro and Air with the M2; The next OS will be Ventura

At its annual developer conference, Apple focused presentations on new software, while announcing beta versions of iOSAnd the iPadOS (16 versions) and WatchOS (9).

In this field, the Apple brand also revealed the first images and characteristics of its next operating system for Mac computers, this time receives the name VenturaA coastal city in California.

Among the main new features of the new macOS is Stage Manager, a multitasking feature that allows you to group and manage the windows we’ve opened on the desktop – a way to help the user focus on what they’re doing.

© Apple | The first beta version of macOS Ventura arrives this week.

Software aside, Apple has confirmed that the new MacBook Pro and Air will get the M2 chip, with promises of the usual performance boost. In the case of the Pro, the brand talks about a 39% increase in image processing (compared to m 1); Over the air, in multi-threaded performance, an increase of 18% is guaranteed.

The MacBook Pro (with 13, 14 and 16-inch screens) with the M2 will have an autonomy of up to twenty hours, up to 24 GB of memory, a maximum SSD of 2 TB, a screen of 500 nits of brightness and Wi-Fi 6.

© Apple
© Apple | These are the main features of the new MacBook Pro with M2.

The next MacBook Air comes with 13.6-inch screens, Mag Safe (something that wasn’t on previous models), and a 1080p webcam that Apple says has twice the resolution of the previous model.

Prices start from 1529 euros to fly And the 1699 for Pro; All models arrive in Portugal in July. To know in detail all the hardware and software news announced at WWDC2022, you can watch the event video over here.

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