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Apple promises to fix the worst iPhone 14 Pro bug with iOS 16 update

Apple promises to fix the worst iPhone 14 Pro bug with iOS 16 update

The launch of any new product is associated with a higher probability of errors or bugs And other cases of instability in its work. Something that not even Apple and all of its resources are immune to, like bugs in the camera Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

However, the Cupertino tech company has now promised to make a patch update available for its system software within a week.

So, we have a quick update of the software iOS 16 To arrive with the necessary corrections for camera “shakes” and other notorious errors.

iPhone 14 Pro camera error ‘next week’ will be fixed by Apple

Above we can see the SensorShift (OIS) mechanical image stabilization software and its system working hard. This is a software bug that stresses the hardware system, causing alarming noises inside the smartphone.

This error, which Apple has already recognized, occurs in many popular applications such as TikTok and Snapchat. In addition, its occurrence can corrode the internal components of the smartphone.

Practically speaking, it’s all about the image stabilization system and focus on both the Apple iPhone 14 Pro when using certain camera apps.

Reports abound of iPhone 14 Pro camera problems

A simple search across social media, from YouTube to Twitter, will lead to many similar cases. Users, after receiving their iPhone 14 Pro, when using applications such as the aforementioned social networks, encounter disturbing noises from smartphone cameras.

We can still refer to the platform reddit, where a large group of similar cases have already been included. Users report that the entire camera unit is shaken, which produces a noise resembling an electronic pop, which is concerning.

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Apple has already ensured that a solution will arrive “soon” with the iOS 16 update

In statements to the publication EngadgetAn Apple spokesperson has already announced that a solution is in the works. It will be one of the next system updates to iOS 16 that will arrive, apparently, over the course of the next week.

It should be noted that this problem only occurs when using third-party applications. That is, when using the native camera app, for example, the problem does not appear, although that is not an excuse for what happened.

We are working directly with Apple to resolve the issue our community has pointed out, noting that Snapchat Camera shakes some components of the iPhone 14″, Snap spokesperson notes.

Finally, too an insect From copy and paste Between the different applications it will be in Apple’s sight. Therefore, we can only wait for this software fix to arrive to satisfy users and answer their complaints.

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