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Apple releases a new update to AirTags

Apple releases a new update to AirTags

AirTags was a product that became a rapid success. There are a lot of usage scenarios, and Apple has a huge search network with millions of iPhones all over the world. Now, the company has announced an AirTag firmware update.

According to Apple, the a New software version It brings a noticeable improvement in privacy. Here is how to check the AirTag firmware version to see if it has already been updated to the latest version.


AirTags with new software release

After the release of AirTags, the world was curious and the most diverse analysis of the small device appeared. a Pplware has launched a file here And today it comes with another new feature powered by Apple.

Like the Firmware DOS AirPodsFor example, AirTags cannot be updated manually. Instead, the company says that firmware updates will be installed automatically when the AirTag is within range of your iPhone. So nothing is really unknown.

The new version of AirTag released today is build number 1A276d and version Firmware 1.0.276. This is up from the previous firmware version 1.0.225, which AirTags shipped with at launch.

How can we see the firmware version?

Apple did not leave this information with direct access. So, to find out which software version is currently installed for our AirTag, you just need to do the following:

  • open to Find the app.
  • Then select AirTag from the list in File Objects tab.
  • Now tap on the battery gauge on the top slider panel.

As you'll notice, touching the battery gauge will switch to a new display that shows the accessory's serial number and software version. Click again to go back to the last update time and battery status.

How to find out the serial number of any AirTag

If you want to know the serial number of an AirTag that is not yours, there are two easy ways to do it.

If you have an NFC-compatible iPhone or Android device, just tap AirTag next to the NFC scanner on your phone.

AirTag image with Android smartphone

This will launch an Apple website that includes the AirTag serial number as well as contact information if the owner places the AirTag in lost mode.

The AirTag serial number is also actually printed on the device itself. And then you can still find the information without pairing it in the Find app.

To do this, press down on the stainless steel backing of the AirTag and turn it counterclockwise to remove the backing.

Remove the battery to view the AirTag serial number, other model IDs, and FCC information.

What's new in this AirTag update?

according to mentionedAfter it is separated from its owner, Apple adjusts the amount of time it takes for AirTags to play a sound alert.

With this firmware update, AirTag will now play a sound after being separated from its owner at a random time over an eight-hour and 24-hour period.

At launch, AirTag played a sound after being separated from its owner for more than three days.

Apple has also confirmed that it is working on an Android app that will detect AirTags and other network-enabled accessories.

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