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Apple reportedly sent a warning message to a Chinese whistleblower

Apple reportedly sent a warning message to a Chinese whistleblower

Now it has become a norm to reveal online news, details and photos of equipment that has not yet been officially announced or released.

However, the Chinese leaker “Kang” recently received a letter on behalf of Apple itself warning about the disclosures made by the user.

Leaks are an easy way to access various details about certain products. Especially the ones that consumers expect the most. This data is usually revealed in poor quality photos of products or through the disclosure of certain specifications.

Many users advocate that leaks are strategically promoted by brands, as a way to spark market curiosity and interest. However, there seem to be companies who are disavowing this practice.

Apple sends a warning message about a Chinese leak

As we have seen, the awaited revelation Possible details about the upcoming iPhone 13 Already acquired the Internet. And even as Apple strives to combat this situation, it seems difficult to impede the leaks.

However, the Apple brand has now adopted a new strategy of sending warning messages. This happened to Chinese whistleblower Kang, who said he received a warning from Cupertino.

"Kang" is a well-known leaker as a very reliable source, and now Mutual In your Weibo social network account what happened to you. Before the current iPhone 12 was announced, the leaker released details of the four different models, revealing the expected prices, colors and launch dates.

But now, Kang says he has received a letter from a law firm saying his actions may share information with Apple competitors or even mislead consumers about unreleased devices. The message also includes screenshots of the leaker's Weibo account, which show his posts and disclosures, such as describing some of the issues he's had with Apple products.

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Laker says he did not sign a confidentiality agreement with Apple

In his defense, Kang says he never signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) nor shared non-public photos or made use of this information.

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The dropout is currently ranked first in the table Apple TrackA platform that compares the reliability of information from different informants. According to the rating, "Kang" has an accuracy score of 97.1%. The same site also notes that other leakers have received similar messages from the Chinese informant.

At the moment, Apple has not responded to requests for clarification. Kang adds that he will no longer publish data on future equipment.

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