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Apple Vision Pro 'gives superpowers' to spinal surgery team

Apple Vision Pro 'gives superpowers' to spinal surgery team

The American company has invested heavily in the development of its Apple Vision Pro device, and this device focuses on entertainment, but it will also draw the world's attention to “more serious matters” such as fields of… Healthcare Assistance: Mixed Reality. An example of this was when he demonstrated his abilities in the healthcare field, where he provided assistance to a surgical team that operated on the spine of a patient in the United Kingdom.

It has been The first surgery using Vision Pro in Europe Without a doubt, one of the first in the world.

second InformationIn the surgery, the nurse who assisted the surgeons used the device, and with this technology in front of her eyes, she was able to effectively assist in the surgical procedure.

Vision Pro helps in spine surgery in UK

In the same week that Apple announced powerful new health applications for its Vision Pro AR/VR glasses, news emerged about their use in the operating room, according to reports in The Daily Mail and others.

The use of a spatial computing device in spine surgery two weeks ago at Cromwell Hospital in London marked the first time Vision Pros had been involved in assisting in surgery. It all happened in the United Kingdom, according to eXeX, the maker of the AI ​​software installed in the Vision Pro.

The augmented reality capabilities of the glasses emerged as they overlaid virtual images that were useful for playback.

Surgeons Syed Aftab and Fadi Sidra performed two microsurgical operations on the patient's spine. The device is used eXeX AI software To follow the stages of the process. In the future, you will also be able to compare surgical results with similar procedures.

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Here's how eXeX describes how its software works with Vision Pros in surgery:

eXeX software provides nurses and technicians with touchless, holographic access to the surgical setup and procedure manuals from the sterile field of the operating room, allowing them to access data and visualizations that were previously unavailable.

The platform has significantly increased the efficiency of surgical service delivery, as precision equipment and workflow have improved patient outcomes.

Technology that grants superpowers in surgical operations

Dr. Aftab said he had never worked with a nurse who wore glasses. However, the device made it seem as if the nurse had a decade of experience. Aftab also stated that Vision Pro's surgery using AI software could "grant superpowers" to his team, comparable to a Formula 1 racing team.

That's the idea - it doesn't matter if you've never visited a pit stop in your life. Just wear your glasses.

The surgeon said.

In fact, the quality of the hardware allows the creation of software with the highest technological standards, which can be an added value in both medical and scientific fields, as well as in sectors with high precision and detail.