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Apple warns that App Store regulation measures threaten user privacy

Apple warns that App Store regulation measures threaten user privacy

This Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized attempts to regulate the App Store, the online store of the American tech giant, stressing that these projects threaten to protect the privacy of iPhone users.

Tim Cook, speaking at a meeting of the International Association of Privacy Professionals in Washington, sought to rally support on the issue, at a time when the United States and other policymakers are seeking to force Apple to enable the installation of apps for mobile phones. Through platforms outside the App Store.

“We are deeply concerned about regulations that would jeopardize the privacy and security of services,” the official was quoted by the French news agency AFP as saying.

“The dangers we face do more than jeopardize our data, they jeopardize our freedom as human beings,” he warned.

The Cupertino, California group is in a legal dispute with Epic Games, the creator of the Fortnite video game, which seeks to circumvent App Store rules and accuses Apple of exercising a monopoly on the purchase of goods and services in your area. Online store.

In November, a US federal judge ruled that Apple was allowing an alternative payment system on the App Store, but also ruled that Epic Games had failed to prove that Apple had violated competition law.

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