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Apple was going to introduce a virtual reality device to executives

It is not surprising that Apple developed its own virtual reality device. And it seems that the company’s executives have recently been able to test some of what’s inside.

According to the gate BloombergApple will introduce the new virtual reality device to its board of directors, leaving some details on what has been accomplished.

Although the equipment is in development, it is not expected that there will be any news of it during next month’s WWDC event, given that there is still work to be done before a commercial version is available.

According to Bloomberg sources, Tim Cook and eight other company executives held a closed-door meeting to unveil the new device. Not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of software, as this device will have a custom Apple operating system designed specifically for it.

The headset uses cameras on the outside to capture content in high quality, and display it on internal screens. This also enables the headset to be used for augmented reality, with initial rumors suggesting that the quality of the captured content will be one of the company’s main focus points.

Although many details about this device are still unknown, and it is still in the development stage, CNBC It states that the final price for itself can be as high as $3,000 per unit, which makes it a far cry from the possibilities of many – and even more so given the alternatives on the market today.

If all goes as expected, Apple is expected to reveal the new device later this year, with a commercial launch scheduled for 2023.

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