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Apple Watch users receive thanks from Tim Cook via email

Apple Watch users receive thanks from Tim Cook via email

Two users of the Apple Watch – a device facing a ban in the US due to patent infringement – who were spared health problems thanks to alerts from the Apple Watch, sent thank-you emails to Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, and received responses, albeit… Short, surprised. , after a few hours.

In one case reported by the ABC KAKE portal, Michael Gallegos, who lives in the US state of Kansas, received an Apple Watch as a gift from his son. The device detected an unusual heart rate while Michael was sleeping, sending a notification to the young man due to the Family Sharing setting. The notification indicated that the heart rate was less than 40 beats per minute for more than 10 minutes.

When he went to the emergency room, Michael was diagnosed with a heart condition requiring emergency surgery. As an expression of gratitude, his son sent an email to Tim Cook, who responded shortly after.

“I'm glad your father sought medical care and received the treatment he needed. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Please give him my regards,” the CEO wrote.

Another incident involved North Carolina State professor Christopher Oakley, who also emailed Cook after suffering a heart problem in 2021. Oakley experienced symptoms of the disease while doing household activities, but his Apple Watch recorded an elevated heart rate during the night. .

Upon sharing this information with doctors, he was diagnosed with a heart attack and Oakley underwent double surgery. Two years later, Oakley expressed his gratitude to Cook for helping the Apple Watch save his life.

“I really appreciate all the work you and your team have done to create a product that not only tells you time, but also saves your life,” Oakley wrote. Three hours later, Cook replied, “We're glad you're okay.”

And do you know of any stories where the Apple Watch was important to someone's survival?