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Apple will launch the Vision Pro headset in China, Canada and the UK, after the US

Apple will launch the Vision Pro headset in China, Canada and the UK, after the US

Speaking about the expected start of sales of the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset in the United States, Mark Gurman, a regular columnist for Bloomberg, suggested that the delay in the release of the new product to other markets will not be very long, and the device will go on sale second in China, Canada and Great Britain. .

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As the source notes, commercial copies of Vision Pro are already being shipped in small quantities to the US, and the Chinese contractor represented by Luxshare held a symbolic ceremony last month. In recent weeks, Apple itself has filed patent applications granting it the rights to design software components and applications for the Vision Pro device, which also indicates that the device is close to entering the market.

Apple will likely make an announcement about the Vision Pro at CES 2024, which starts this week in Las Vegas. As planned, Apple brand stores in the US have already begun sending their employees in groups of two or four to Cupertino to learn how to sell a new product for the company. Upon returning from a business trip, Apple Store employees will share their knowledge with all other experts who will be involved in the implementation of these augmented reality headsets. Three-hour public meetings are already scheduled for January 21 at Apple stores in the US, which may only be for briefings. By the end of the month, Apple Stores in the US will begin receiving in-stock versions of the Vision Pro and related accessories.

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As previously reported, the Vision Pro purchase procedure will initially include a mandatory personal visit by the customer to the nearest Apple brand store, where the new product will be introduced in-depth. It is possible that in the future, buyers will be able to independently scan their heads via a special application to determine the size of the headband, and then order and purchase the Vision Pro remotely with all the accessories that adapt to a specific person. Despite Apple's best efforts, augmented reality headsets will not be able to become a significant source of its revenue in 2024, according to Mark Gurman.