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Apple will start cleaning up the App Store and remove old apps

Apple has the App Store as one of its main marketplaces and a great source of revenue. Dedicated to apps for its own operating systems, it seems to focus more on iOS, both on its own and from programmers.

This app store will now go through a period of cleaning and sanitation, with many apps removed. Apple wants to get rid of the old and has already started alerting programmers to the possibility and to this moment.

As with any app store, the App Store also has a wide range of proposals that are simply abandoned. Apple wants to end this scenario and that's why a very important cleanup will be done soon.

Alerts arrived in the past few days and I realized the emails were getting to programmers with apps on the App Store. This letter is clear and gives these developers 30 days to renew their apps on the Play Store.

The reason Apple uses to be able to take this position is very simple and even logical. Complains that the stock apps seem to be abandoned and not updated for more than 3 years and therefore need to be renewed by programmers.

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This appears to be a new imposition by Apple towards developers, who are therefore forced to implement any changes/news in their apps. Only then will they be able to keep their suggestions in the Apple Store.

Interestingly, those who have not made this change do not lose their app to the App Store. They will only be removed from access for new iPhone users, as they will be kept accessible to everyone who has already downloaded them at least once.

Many developers do not understand the change, as their applications continue to work without any changes. However, they will have to update their proposals, or else they will lose their apps and the great visibility that most people need.