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Ilustração do headset de AR/VR da Apple

Apple’s future AR/VR headset system could be ‘xrOS’

The An apple Take another step towards launching a program Mixed reality headseta device that is scheduled to be launched next year and will combine augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.

According to information from Mark GormanGive bloombergApple has changed the name of the operating system that will ship with the device. According to the journalist’s anonymous sources, the company has given up on business old name “reality” The label has now been adopted xrOS🇧🇷

The new name arrives specifically to emphasize that it’s a “mixed reality” device, since the acronym XR is often used to refer to extended reality (extended reality), a concept that includes both AR and VR.

As Gorman pointed out, while augmented reality overlays seeing the real world with graphics and virtual information, virtual reality is a holistic, immersive experience for activities such as playing games and watching videos.

xrOS should contain exclusive versions of Apple apps – eg Messages it’s the maps – and also some kind of app storewhere other developers can host and distribute their proprietary software.

Apple expects the mixed reality device to become its latest “superproduct,” which hasn’t been seen in Cupertino since its launch. apple watch (in 2015) – today it is one of the largest sources of profit for the company.

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