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Application authentication: GOV causes problems installing Windows 11

Application authentication: GOV causes problems installing Windows 11

A few days before the official distribution of Windows 11 from Microsoft – October 5th – There is now an obstacle to this operating system. For those who want to know and immediately use the new features of this operating system, you will have to rethink using the application Authentication.

The news for the users will be plenty and they feel the anticipation. Unfortunately, for some, the waiting period can be prolonged if they rely on the use of this authentication application provided by the Government of Portugal due to incompatibilities in the software.

Windows 11 distribution begins on October 5th

Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system

After months of testing and preparation, everything points to the completion and smooth distribution of the new version. However, for Windows users in Portugal, who also use the Autenticação.GOV app, there is bad news.

As it turns out, the new an insect Which prevents the installation of Windows 11 only affects Portuguese users. Guilt? Well, it appears that it is in the authentication application distributed by the Portuguese state, which surprises Microsoft.

It should also be noted that the problem has been reported by some users through the Microsoft community. ouch, In the official support forumThere are already many reports from Portuguese users. The frustration is evident in the testimonials shared there.

We’ll have to wait for Microsoft to solve this bug

Although the case was already discovered at the beginning of August by users who were testing the Insider build – beta – the bug still existed. Unfortunately, the issue has not been fixed as of this writing and risks launching Windows 11 in Portugal on October 5th.

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Note that the problem is a grammatical error. More specifically, the use of the stressed letter “ó” in “Mobile Key Digital Key Storage Provider”. Well, the same name is used by the application installer in the Windows Security Key Registry.

This technical redundancy appears to be enough to cause a fatal error in Windows 11. So for anyone who wants to use the Authenticating.GOV app when distributing Windows 11, we have bad news.

Error in the textured letter “ó” causes a fatal screen in Windows 11

Finally, unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet come up with a solution to this problem. Therefore, this will likely remain with the final version of the operating system to be distributed in a few days.

In short, if you really need to use this application, the best thing is to postpone the installation of the new Windows 11 from Microsoft. That’s at least until the company confirms its support for the app in question.

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