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Aqui Happens - Future Scientists Program Promotes Female Participation in Science and Technology

Aqui Happens – Future Scientists Program Promotes Female Participation in Science and Technology

Jan 20 2022 – 23:31

Encouraging the involvement of youth and women in science, technology and innovation: this is the aim of the Future Scientists programme, an initiative that is reaching its eighth and first public edition in the presence of Sergipe. Students and educators from the state network participated in virtual classes that began January 4 and run through January 27. Awakening to future science careers, the project promoted training in chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering.

The Future Scientists Program aims to promote women’s empowerment, providing opportunities for scientific and technological inclusion for second-year girls in secondary schools and public school teachers. The project is being promoted by the Center for Strategic Technologies in the Northeast (Cetene), associated with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). In the state, the initiative is led by the Sergipe Government, through the Sergipe Technological Park (SergipeTec), the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science and Technology (Sedetec) and the State Secretariat for Education, Sports and Culture (Seduc).

Sergipe participants underwent a scientific immersion in the “Building and Implementing a Mobile Robot” module, which was integrated by the Robotics Group of Sergipe Federal University (GPR-UFS). In addition to learning about algorithms, mechanical and electronic parts of a robot, students will have to implement an autonomous moving robot at the end of the course.

“We have the opportunity to have lessons with people who conduct research at top universities around the world. This contributes a lot to improving teaching practice and the way I see and do science,” explains physics teacher Jane Santana, one of the program participants. “I am learning a lot. I know I will take what I learn to the classroom and encourage my students to participate in the next edition,” he adds.

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Electronic Engineer Eduardo Lemos, Robotics Unit Instructor in the program, explains the importance of work in stimulating a scientific career. “The course provides direct contact with programming, electronics and robotics technologies. With this, it interests those who are just curious, and confirms the interest of those who really wanted to continue in the area,” he emphasizes.

In addition to the Robotics module, the Biofuels and Organic Waste Reuse module is also part of the program schedule, and encourages experiments and theoretical discussions. The classes were led by chemical engineer Samia Maciel, who coordinates the program at SergipeTec. For Samia, Futuras Cientistas is directly linked to her personal path, highlighting her experience as a woman and scientific researcher.

According to UNESCO data, only 35% of scientists in the world are female. As a researcher and woman, throughout my career in science, I have lived with a predominantly male audience, and in recent years, I have dedicated myself to participating in activities that encourage a greater female commitment to engineering and science, and to contribute to their personal and scientific lives. And in order to build a more equal society,” Samia says.

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