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Arabic party with news on Netflix

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend turns 29 on Friday in Saudi Arabia, where she is still treated like a star. In March, the second season of his popular reality show “Soy Georgina 2” premiered on the streaming giant.

In a new chapter since moving to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the month, Georgina Rodriguez is celebrating her 29th birthday today with her family and friends. The details of the ceremony are not yet known, but it is supposed to take place in Riyadh and pass through Doha, Qatar, where Ivana Rodriguez, the sister of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, has attended in recent days and is happy to return to the luxury resort. who welcomed her during the World Cup.

This time, Ivana traveled with her boyfriend, Carlos García, and most likely everyone would join in to say “Happy Birthday to You” to Georgina. The young Argentinian remains very close, enjoying the constant company of her friend Elena Pena, as well as her reliable Spanish makeup artist and hairstylist who follows her everywhere.

In advance, as a birthday present, Georgina Rodriguez confirmed that the second season of the reality show she stars with, which she has recorded over the past year, will premiere in March. “Back on the playing field,” she said, ready to show off new chapters of their intimacy.

Here comes “Soy Georgina 2”

In “Soy Georgina 2,” CR7’s wife enhances her achieved charisma and, with undeniable humor, shows her lifestyle of the past 12 months.
In one recording, he opens the doors of the house again and records important dates. The birth of the youngest daughter, Bella Esmeralda, in April 2022, as well as the death of her twin in childbirth, are highlights. In addition to the panic that the girl planned before the World Cup in Qatar, due to bronchiolitis, which forced her to be transferred to a hospital in Madrid.

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He counts on the participation of people close to him, not only his family, but also his circle of friends – the so-called “Lasdardas” group, who are always there at the right time.
On Sunday, the former dancer hit the red carpet in Saudi Arabia, where she was treated like a star at the Joy Awards.

Once again, she chose a dress designed by Dubai-based Tunisian designer Ali Al Karoui, with a scarf covering her shoulders and head, as a sign of respect for the local culture. Sensual qb, it is praised for its elegance.

While victory’s biggest draw is Ronaldo, Georgina also attracts attention, which is reflected in creating new and lucrative partnerships with fashion and beauty brands.