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Araraquara has already recorded 13 dengue cases in 2022

Araraquara has already recorded 13 dengue cases in 2022

Identification of mosquito outbreaks and collection of unusable items has resumed in Araraquara (Photo: Disclosure)

Araraquara Health Monitoring has already confirmed 13 positive cases of dengue in the city, in the month of January alone. During the past year, 385 cases of the disease were registered in the municipality.

Since the beginning of this year, health monitoring teams associated with the Municipal Health Department of Araraquara have resumed measures to prevent the dengue mosquito.

The activities, which include the removal of useless objects that can serve as breeding grounds, have the main function of eliminating the spread of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the main carriers of arboviruses (diseases), such as dengue, chikungunya, Zika and yellow fever. .

According to the health monitoring coordinator, Rodrigo Ramos, the first operations for 2022 were in the neighborhoods of Cicap, São José, Santa Lucia and Parque São Paulo.


In these places, 69 foci with Aedes larvae were detected, all in inhabited properties. Major larval breeding sites are found in flower pots, outdoor drains, and exposed recyclables in backyards, with rainwater traps.

Also according to Rodrigo Ramos, the following measures will be taken against the breeding sites in the Parque das Laranjeiras, Jardim Emperor and Vale do Sol neighborhoods.

“It is very important that the people of Araraquara receive endemic agents of the Municipal Health Department, who are appropriately dressed and identified with badges,” Rodrigo said.


According to the coordinator, in this period of increased disease transmission, it is necessary to unite the efforts of the government and the population in the fight against mosquitoes.

“People should have at least 10 minutes a week to inspect the property they live in, and look for things that could accumulate water,” Ramos said.

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It is also important to provide maintenance for gutters, panels, pools, and water tanks, and if possible, install mechanical barriers, such as barriers on windows, doors, and drains, to prevent Aedes breeding. “It is also recommended to use insect repellents,” the coordinator concluded.