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Arca Guinea - Warda Bosnan 0: 1. Need a goal-shooter

Arca Guinea – Warda Bosnan 0: 1. Need a goal-shooter

Arka Gdynia is looking for a forward striker. Current winger, Olaf Kobaki (No. 19) was tested in this role, but like the team’s best shooter of the fall – Carol Subak (68), Warda Bosnas did not score.

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Arka Gdynia lost 0: 1 (0: 1) to Warda Bosnon on an artificial turf in Pythagoras for the start of this year’s Spring Tournament. Coach Ryszard Tarasiewicz checked out 22 players, including three juniors he bought in the winter and Piotr Zmorzyński. Like many autumn matches, his players did not have the talent at first. Goalkeeper needed. He did not use the two opportunities to equate with the other Olaf Kobaki, who made his debut in the attack.


ARKA (first half): Kajzer – Tomal, Marcjanik, Dobrotka, Valcarce – Staniszewski, Milewski – Stępień, Marcus, Milewski, Siemaszko – Czubak

ARKA (Second Half): Krzepisz – Sachin, Lipkovsky, Memić, Zmorzyński – Deja, Bednarski – Predenkiewicz, Leather, Żebrowski – Kobacki

News: Krobelny – Ivanov (47 erkowski), Simonovich (47 Kutys), Kupczak (65 Rodriguez, 85 Czyżycki) – Szmyt (71 Kupczak), Maenpaa (47 Falbierski), Czyżycycicki (731 Ziżki-Zoki-Soi-39) Rodriguez (58 Sarbinovsky)

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Resort Tarasevich He tested two “11s” on the artificial turf in Bydgoszcz. It was almost basic as the first included eight players who finished the fall. This list includes one of the juniors included in the training of the first team. Jacques Staniszowski He played as one of two defensive midfielders.

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No surprise with the right-back cast he has played so far Arkakdiusz Kasperkiewicz. The place was in the first half after the footballer went to Stall Milek Jersey Dommel, And the second – Paul Sachin.

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Many sub goalposts were not high in the first half. Wardha took the lead in the 27th minute through a corner kick. As Arka’s defenders prepare to enter the penalty area, Jacob Kieb Where he played on the left Mateusz Czyżycki He kicked the ball through “16”. This was extended by Warda’s test – Przemysław Zdybowicz, A Adm Zrelak An accurate shot sent the ball into the left goal post Daniel Kaiser.

In 10 minutes the Slovak striker may have improved the score when he got the ball in front of the goal area from Warda’s captain Kiel, but his technical shot was saved by Kajsar. Moments later, the two players left the field and Arka was able to spread his wings further.

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First before the break Marcus He lost his head a few meters after the crucifixion Louisa Valcors, Shortly after the Spaniard scored a free throw outside the penalty area, which was awarded after a foul. Carol Subagu.

Of the previous actions, only one from the 11th minute is worth mentioning. Order Seemasco After an energetic rally, the left shot from a sharp angle, a Jędrzej Grobelny He pushed the ball into the side net of his goal.

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Arka Gdynia has begun preparations. Check how many players have been trained and who are missing

After turning the pages, Arc tried hard to equalize. He had good opportunities for that Olaf KobakkiWho played as a striker for the first time in Guinea. However in the 52nd minute, he scored in the middle of the goal, handing the ball to him after pressing in front of the penalty area. Michał Bednarski. However, a quarter of an hour later, Kobagi did not score after a superb pass Copper leather.

Warda goalkeeper had a corner as he kicked the ball out of the goal. Adam left He passed accurately and another junior, a federal defender, fired a well into his head – Kazan Lipkovsky, But this time Bosnan could not beat the goalkeeper.

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He has not played yet Gordon Punosa, And from the players purchased in the winter, Piotr Zmorzyński presented himself only. As expected, Hutnik Kraków’s player was placed on the left side of the defense.

Teja had one last chance to equalize in the sparring with Wardha. However, in the 87th minute he crossed the post with the ball from a free kick from less than 25 meters.

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Arca Ktinia. Spring Winter 2022

  • January 15, Bydgoszcz: Warta Poznań (Top League) 0: 1
  • January 22, Guinea, 11, Olympia Elblock (League II)
  • 26 January, Guinea, h. 12, Olimpia Grudziądz (3rd League)
  • January 28, Cetniewo, at 11, Otra Opol (I League)
  • January 29, Kleszczów, at 11, GKS Bełchatów (II League)
  • February 5, Kleszczów, at 11 KKS 1925 Kallis (II League)
  • Feb. 11, Guinea, 11, Storm Allstin (1st League)
  • Feb. 15, Guinea, 12, Chojnisanga (II League)
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