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Arcos City Hall announces suspected case of Covid-19 and influenza infection |  Midwest

Arcos City Hall announces suspected case of Covid-19 and influenza infection | Midwest

city ​​hall Arcos It released, this Thursday afternoon (6), through the Municipal Health Department, the confirmation of the first suspected case of concurrent infection with influenza and Covid-19. The patient is a 30-year-old man who was on a trip to Guarapari, Espírito Santo, at the end of 2021. The CEO released a video with instructions.

According to the municipality’s secretariat, he received the vaccine against the emerging corona virus, but he was not vaccinated against the flu. He is in solitary confinement showing mild flu symptoms. The concurrent infection was dubbed “Fluoron”. Understand below.

the g 1 I called the State Department of Health (SES-MG) and reported the folder in note There is no confirmed case of Covid-19 and influenza in Minas Gerais, yet. SES-MG also reported that six suspected cases are under investigation. Details of the notifications under investigation will be disclosed in due course, if confirmed.

The volume highlighted the importance of maintaining health protocols for both Covid-19 and influenza: Regular hand washing, mask use, social distancing and immunization.

municipality Arcos I also released a video with the instructions. a look:

Arcos City Hall publishes a video with guidance to combat Covid-19 and influenza

With regard to influenza cases, after analyzing data on care at the Covid-19 outpatient clinic, an 185% increase in demand for service in the city was identified – a comparison between the first and third week of December. And in the last week of 2021, three positive cases of “influenza A” were identified in the city.

So-called double contamination is checked when both tests – for influenza and Covid-19 – are positive. she was nicknamed “Florona” (the union of the terms “influenza”, from influenza, with “rona” from coronavirus) in the international press, but the term does not refer to a new type of disease, only a simplified way of indicating that the contamination occurred simultaneously.

in topics, g 1 He explains what double contamination is, what care should be taken and whether it can aggravate the patient’s condition:

  • What is that?
  • Is double pollution normal?
  • Can a patient with this condition suffer from a deterioration in his health?
  • How do you protect yourself?
  • How can I find out if I have double infection?

What is double pollution?

It happens when both tests – for influenza and Covid – come back positive. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Ciara have already confirmed double cases.

Is double pollution normal?

However, a person hardly gets infected with the two viruses. The infection specialist explains that it is necessary to separate co-infection from co-discovery.

Methods for identifying viruses in our body, such as the polymerase chain reaction test, are very sensitive. They easily detect parts of the virus that do not necessarily cause infection or disease in the individual. This common finding is very frequent, but it does not mean that the two viruses are running in the body,” says the infection specialist.

Can a patient with this condition suffer from a deterioration in his health?

It is still not possible to say whether the patient will have a worse health condition. Kfoury explains that it can harm the health of people who are already immunocompromised, but in general, double contamination doesn’t mean you have a more serious condition.

Jamal Suleiman, an infectious disease specialist at Emilio Ribas Hospital in São Paulo, recalls that the vaccine is very important to prevent the serious condition of both diseases. “If you are vaccinated, the risk of developing severe forms of these diseases is remote. If you are not vaccinated, you will go with the flow and take risks, whether with one virus, two or three viruses.”

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