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“Are cell phones running out of battery?”

“Are cell phones running out of battery?”



The Dragon points to three decisive moves in Saturday’s match and criticizes the refereeing.

Using the publication “Dragões Diário”, FC Porto on Monday criticized the video referee in the match Farense-Sporting (2-3) played on Saturday, and spoke of “another championship day marked by serious refereeing errors that affected the first classification”.

The Blue and White are talking about three moves they consider to be poor refereeing: the sending off of Gonzalo Silva, the second yellow card that allegedly forgave Heulmand and the 90th-minute penalty that gave the Lions the win.

“Just as in Rio Mayor, where they won by an untimely goal, Sporting once again benefited from poor refereeing decisions to win in Faro. According to most analysts, Gonzalo Silva should not have seen the red card, Heulmand should have been sent off and ‘did not There was no foul that justified the penalty kick that decided the match. Given the inaction of the VAR, the question remains: Have the cell phone batteries run out?

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