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Are men more likely to get cancer than women?  See what the science says

Are men more likely to get cancer than women? See what the science says

a cancer It is a disease characterized by the formation of tumors that can arise in any person. However, in addition to genetic predisposition, some Habits associated with disease progression.

Drinking, smoking, and not taking care of your health in general behaviors associated with men, which was explained by the fact that most types of cancer have it high taxes among the male population.

However, one study Published in the magazine cancerGive American Cancer Societythat this association may depend on the biological differences between male and female. information from see health.

Are men more likely to get cancer than women?

yesmen have More opportunities Cancer is more likely than women, and the reasons may be more than behavioral and environmental.

The study was published in cancer He evaluated differences in the risk of disease progression in 21 body parts. In total, 171,274 men and 122,826 women aged 50-71 years were observed.

Participants were part of another survey that ran from 1955 to 2011, and during this period, 17,951 cases emerged from cancer among men Compared to 8742 among women.

The group adjusted some of the risk behaviors for case analysis and realized that these factors represented a fluctuation from 11% for esophageal cancer to 50% for lung cancer, mostly among women. male population.

This indicates that there are fundamental biological differences between men and women that affect susceptibility to cancer.

The conclusion was that Biological differences between the sexes (either by Physiology or Questions immune) may be the reason for this greater danger Among men, the incidence of cancer.

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“Our results show that there are differences in cancer incidence that cannot be explained by environmental exposures alone. This suggests that there are substantial biological differences between men and women that influence susceptibility to cancer,” explained Sarah S. Jackson. National Cancer Institute.

Also according to the study, both thyroid and gallbladder cancers were more frequently between the Women.

On the other hand, the Dangers for men They were higher in esophageal cancer (10.8 times greater risk), larynx (3.5 times greater), dog stomach (3.5 times greater) and bladder cancer (3.3 times greater).

Then the researchers suggested, in future studies, that Gender differences They are taken into account when dealing with disease, risk predictions, prevention, examination, treatment and follow-up of patients.