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Are old rags? Samsung Galaxy S3 has already received Android 12

Samsung has introduced unique smartphones over the years in its Galaxy lineup. Some of these devices are true industrial and classic landmarks like the well-known Samsung Galaxy S3.

This smartphone, which was launched 10 years ago, is now receiving a surprise showing that it is still active. This smartphone from Samsung has managed to outsmart many modern phones, it just managed to reach a working version of Android 12.

One of the coolest smartphones comes to a new life

It's been many years since the Galaxy S3 stopped receiving Android updates and even support from Samsung itself. This was one of the great smartphones from Samsung, it has been around for many years and always with above average performance.

This smartphone has already been repaired by many and is about to be abandoned Receive interesting news. Unofficially and with LineageOS 19.0, the Samsung Galaxy S3 can now use Android 12 without any restrictions.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 has already received Android 12

Equipped with SoC Exynos 4412, from Samsung itself, this smartphone can now run Android 12 thanks to html6405 programmer From the XDA forum. Despite its age, this smartphone manages to access the radio part associated with the operators, camera and Wi-Fi.

The bluetooth and the video part, which uses software and hardware acceleration, also work perfectly. Of course, some of the features offered by LineageOS 19.0 ROM are still missing, something that should appear soon as this version is developed.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 12 Smartphones LineageOS

Everything is possible thanks to LineageOS 19.0

Among these current disadvantages there are some that stand out. Opening the card with the PIN does not work, so it must be removed before use. Formatting the storage SD card also results in a loop. The Samsung Galaxy S3 NFC module is also not working yet.

So, if you have a smartphone like this, you can test the ROM for Android 12. The Samsung Galaxy S3 will gain new life and give you access to all the news from Google for this new version. New developments will come out and show that this is still a great device.

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