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Are Rita Pereira and Guillaume Lalong in crisis?

Are Rita Pereira and Guillaume Lalong in crisis?

Together for almost 10 years, Rita Pereira Guillaume Lalong is in the news again due to an alleged crisis in their relationship.

This site is on Monday, February 5th the television Note that MondayI haven't exchanged 'likes' on Instagram for a few weeks“.

The last post that had the French businessman's reaction was Video of the actress with their son Lono on January 19. At that time, Lono had traveled to Brazil to spend a few days with his mother, but Guillaume Lalong was not present.“, can be read.

Recently, Rita Pereira — who has been working on the other side of the Atlantic for a few months — used social media to repost the 2024 trend: “Free break“In relationships.”We started this trend before it was a trend“, he wrote.

In “Passadeira Vermelha”, on SIC Caras, Felipa Torreña Nunes said she heard through sources “He says that there are crises in this very dangerous relationship based on pre-Rio de Janeiro betrayal“.

The commentator added that she feels that “There was vacation due to going to Rio de Janeiro“: “Rita never talked much about the good and bad in a relationship, about crises“.

Later, Rita Pereira explained that the story “It was a joke because I came to Brazil to live, which meant my boyfriend and I were on a “sabbatical.” Don't make “assumptions” when they don't exist“.

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