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Are you a BCP customer?  Commissions will weigh more starting today

Are you a BCP customer? Commissions will weigh more starting today

Millennium BCB has established new committees for the various movements implemented. The changes will take effect on Monday, May 17th.

Consequently, SEPA + credit transfers to other banks or to accounts based abroad, for amounts up to € 100,000, via the Internet or the mobile app, increase by 10%, at a cost of € 1.10 now.

However, if the same request is made over a phone call or without a prescription, in both cases with the help of a bank operator, the increase will be 8.3%, from six euros to 6.50 euros.

Transfer to another bank begins, urgently, at a cost of € 25 to the final account, regardless of the amount and channel of receiving the transfer order.

Urgent remittance value to countries that are not part of SEPA increases to € 30.

Purchase requisitions and delivery of verification units of various types are suffering from a widespread increase, thanks to the new changes to the BCP price list.

This occurs in the case of crossed and unlined checks, etc., as well as in various forms of order – whether through the counter, ATM, internet or telephone. Increases amount to a maximum of € 26.50, which is the case with requests for 150 checkbooks.

Bank check orders also suffer from a significant increase with this change in price. If Millennium BCP clients cost 20 € before, they will cost 25 € to whoever does it.

Cash withdrawals at BCP licensed counters are subject to a commission increase of about € 1.50 – from € 4.50 to € 6.